You Can Sign This Book

I love getting (okay, and giving) books as gifts, and I always make people sign the inside cover or first page as a sort of card, to kind of commemorate the occasion of me getting a new book. There’s always a reason why someone chose to get that particular book, so the inscribed messages have the double function of telling me who gave it, and why. And the why is what I really love about it. Sometimes it’s an inside joke, other times it’s just the sharing of something that was meaningful to the book-giver – the gift of a new bonding experience.

Top 5 Favorite Dedications/Autographs, in no particular order:

From Esther, for my 20th birthday! It’s especially meaningful because I can’t believe she indulged my obsession by getting this. It’s kind of like that time my friend Jeff got me an autographed poster of Tom Welling when I was on my Smallville high that was, sadly, not too long ago. Yes, there is shame.

From Mark. The grammar god reference is a joke to some online quiz we both took.

From Jenny! Who gives the best books ever, no contest. To be honest I don’t know why I went with this one (Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) because Hallucinating Foucault has to be one of my favorite books, but this one is excellent also. I think it’s just because I read this one in summer, so I associate it with good memories.

From Betty. Love the book (though not my favorite in the series, I needed it to complete the collection), LOVE all the inside joke references.

From Jenn. I would put this side by side the book my friend Dan got me from the Spy Museum in D.C., Sneaky Uses For Every Day Things, except he forgot to message it so it is disqualified.

4 thoughts on “You Can Sign This Book

  1. HAHA yes, your book does indeed feature very prominently on my "Gifted Books" shelf. Your inscriptions are always good, but my favorite is the one for Robin Hobb's "Assassin's Quest." Priceless.

  2. hahaha I was SO SURPRISED you let me touch the book–I believe I waited until you touched thoroughly molested it before I signed it : )

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