The Christmas celebration finally arrived at our household. We opened gifts before dinner and made gingerbread bears after. I got books for Christmas, of course: Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott from my sister, Cindi; Harlen Coben’s newest Myron Bolitar book, Long Lost, from my brother Paul; Dad gave me Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Sadly, I did not reclaim the title of Best Gift-Giver this Christmas; that’s a tie between Cindi and Paul. Which means I have lost out two years running now :( But! I definitely won Best Single Gift, which was a 36-page Snapfish photo album for the parents. To say it was a massive hit is an understatement. That’s right, siblings! Still got it.

Anyway, Cindi brought back a gingerbread making kit. Yes, it comes from Crayola (of all companies! I had no idea Crayola made such things, but yay!), and it had two sets of directions (for adults and kids) on the back. I’ve never made any sort of gingerbread before, but I love it – the spice of cinnamon, the soft chewy goodness. Generally speaking, I love all Christmas food, especially peppermint/mint.

After we squeezed vanilla frosting out of a bag, we painted the gingerbears with the Crayola provided edible watercolors.

The eyes are all wonky because I stuck the sugar eyes onto the frosting not knowing or noticing that they came in different sizes. We made six gingerbears, and I did not pair up the eyes right for a single gingerbear.

Now, the box says we can make 8-12 bears. But they only provided us with 10 eyeballs. Not sure what’s up with that. So instead of having a sightless bear, we decided to make cyclops bears. Then I realized the cyclops eyes in fact resemble bear noses and mouth. Okay, in a very vague way, but still.

Extra dough.

We’re saving the gingerbears for when we watch Up!

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