Recipe: Red Pepper & Cumin Bread

I am incredibly lucky to have so many good cooks in my life, and living near Kshiti during the school year has spoiled me, as I don’t often have to cook. But once in a while I feel like making something in the kitchen.

This summer Claire told me about this recipe for a savory bread, take from this recipe, which she translated from French. I like savory over sweet, so I decided to try and make it.

Notes: 1) Red pepper should be in thin, small slices. 2) Adhere to the 1/3 cup olive oil, or even ease up a little on the olive oil. 3) The mixture will be thick, and difficult to stir. This is ok. 4) It will not look nice in the oven. 5) 50 (or so) minutes later, the bread is done. Adding the corn made it more flavorful, and gave it a little sweetness. The end result is a very hearty, savory bread. Not crumbly; it holds together and is almost a little spongy. A little warm for summer, but still good.

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