Mixtape Monday: Collecting Ghosts

I used to do these posts matching photographs with songs, which I loved, except it got to be a little time-consuming. But I miss doing them and sharing music, so I thought I’d try picking it up again except this time I’d just do a mini version (5 songs instead of 12). My goal is to put it out on Mondays b/c Mondays are No Fun. Anyway, in honor of it being almost October, and for me getting Pretty Monsters a day early and reading “The Constable of Abal” (a mother and daughter team catch ghosts with ribbons and charms), a mixtape of specters and strangeness. Excerpt:

Zilla fed gobbets of tragedy, romance, comedy to the ghosts who dangled so hungrily at the end of their ribbons. One has to feed a ghost something delicious, and there is only so much blood a grown woman and a smallish girl have to spare.

Norah Jones, “Young Blood”
Young blood, young bone
Old ghosts go home

The Drums, “Down By The Water”
If you fall asleep down by the water,
baby, I’ll carry you all the way home.

Priscilla Ahn, “Empty House”
I can’t stay for too long.

Bell X1, “I’ll See Your Heart and I’ll Raise You Mine”
I caught them playing poker
and I think it was the devil who said
“I’ll see your heart
and I’ll raise you mine”

“Will you be the card up my sleeve?”
says one to the other
and this time they hold their gaze
for too long.

Birdy, “Shelter”
And I’ll cross oceans like never before
so you can feel the way I feel it too
And I’ll mirror images back at you
so you can see the way I feel it too.

(Photo credits: 1. Violet Julia, 2. Kate Towers, 3. Jessie Roth, 4. Julie Kwon, 5. Sofia Ajram, 6. Mil-a)

7 thoughts on “Mixtape Monday: Collecting Ghosts

  1. Hooray! I’m so happy you’re doing these mixtape posts again; you always found such perfect matches.

    I also LOVE that excerpt from “The Constable of Abal.” The last line is absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to check the book out!

    1. Thanks, Jenn! This took me so long to make, I’m thinking future posts might have even fewer songs haha.

      Yes! I’m about to sign off to finish reading it because it has totally hooked me in! A friend highly recommended it to me, so I flipped to that one first, but I’m really excited to read everything else. Also, Shaun Tan’s illustrations ahh. I want them as a series of prints in little wooden frames.

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty excited for Birdy’s studio album. She’s done great covers so far, including “Skinny Love”, which was my first exposure to her.

      Oh man, Call & Response is such a great idea! Also reminds me of our discussion last night…And yes! I’d love to contribute something. I’ll start keeping my eye out for the prompts!

      1. Yes! For me it’s definitely related to what we were talking about the other day. You need that sense of community, of audience, as a writer, and it feels like very few literary journals offer that in a explicit way. So yay! Submit something! (Or do a special mix tape prompt for us!)

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