In Which My Procrastination Is Productive

So when I like something, I mean when I really like something, I sell the hell out of it (Gmail, certain books, etc.). My new crush is this: Ommwriter. I know there are a lot of full screen, focused-writing apps out there, but I love the minimalist style of Ommwriter. Gorgeous audiovisual experience: The basic version has 3 options for everything: backgrounds (my favorite is the wintry landscape), ambient music, and keyboard typing sounds (favorite is number 2, which sounds like raindrops). And it’s free. And I wrote my entire workshop story in it.

My housing is installing sprinkler piping throughout the apartment this week. So I’ve cleaned out my entire closet, bought tarp, and borrowed plastic sheeting to prepare for this. Hopefully this will all be over by Friday. Right now I have been displaced and am staying over at Kshiti’s place for two nights. Listening to Bon Iver right now, really liking the song “Blindsided”Taut line / Down to the shoreline / The end of a blood line / The moon is a cold light / There’s a pull to the flow / My feet melt the snow.

Another post-workshop Wednesday dinner with MFAers, winding down. We do not always talk about writing/reading, no. Conversations with Carlea always seem to begin with, “So, not to creep you out…” or “I hope this isn’t too weird, but…”

This week I also confirmed a fact about myself: In the face of an impending deadline, I write like a madman (madwoman?) on stuff that isn’t due. Basically…my procrastination is productive, ok. But anyway, I wrote a response to a prompt that invited writers to bring a figure from Greek mythology to interact in some way in the modern world, in 1200 words or less. My story, “Sea Change”, is about a girl who encounters Proteus far out at sea (of course). Anyway, it got me thinking about and reading up on Greek myths again. I had forgotten so much, like the Nereids, Lethe, and Iris.

(Photo source: found here)

2 thoughts on “In Which My Procrastination Is Productive

  1. That first line up there reminds me of Holden Caulfield! His voice, that is.

    I haven’t really sat down and tried OmmWriter seriously yet, but am looking forward to doing so this weekend. Seeing as the keyboard typing noises, backgrounds, and ambient music were the features I asked you about switching off, though, I’m not sure how much I will love it, haha. I’m rather attached to WordPress’ fullscreen view!

    Also, I loved “Sea Change”! It’s so good to read your writing again.

    1. Hahahaha oh boy.

      Man! Ok, I need to try out WordPress’ fullscreen view because I actually have not done that yet. But I love the keyboard typing sound! It reminds me of one of those rain sticks you upend?

      And thank you! That was really fun to write, and for once, it came out in one go instead of stumping me for weeks.

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