Claire and I have been talking about Thanksgiving in New York, Part 2, since August. I cannot wait! Brunch at The Smith! Dinner at Bianca! AND ALL THE UDON AND RAMEN AND SEAWEED SALAD I CAN GET. Sweet potato fries w/ maple syrup from Manchester Pub! And at least one stop by Pomme Frites (sweet mango chutney mayo and parmesan peppercorn dips are my favorite). The abundance of carts selling chicken over rice. Shake Shack! Lest you think this is all about food: Seeing Claire, Ross, Liz, Jeff. And my sister, who is going through med school interviews right now and could use a break, too. The public transportation. And Liz’s amazing, replenishing bookshelf, off of which I always take about half a dozen books. (FOR ONCE, remember: Must. Pack. Light.)

Saw Real Steel the other night. It was rock ’em, sock ’em awesome. The little kid stole the show for me. Also, I have never seen so much product placement in a movie, ever. Anyway, I am a sucker for movies like this and loved it.

In July, I entered Random House/Randombuzzer’s Passionate Writing Contest, and no, it wasn’t an opportunity to write a bodiceripper. Basically, it invited people to submit the first line of a piece of literary work, and the Grand Prize winner got to have the manuscript read by the Delacorte editorial team. Anyway, I didn’t win the Grand Prize, but I was one of the First Prize winners! I get autographed copies of Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate, which I’m excited about receiving.

Embarrassingly, I forgot the exact wording of the sentence I submitted and then had to ask for it. This was the sentence:

Sweeney wins the talent show every year for lying – he walks onstage and sometimes he’ll take a chair with him, sometimes he won’t, sometimes he just stands there; he opens his mouth and lies to everyone in the audience about who he is, what he does, where they’re sitting, what they’re seeing.

It came out of an in-class writing exercise in my Form & Fiction class last semester. Having recently read Stanley Elkin’s “A Poetics for Bullies”, the prompt was to delve into a “great I” narrator. I took it out of first and put it in third for this contest. And played fast and loose with punctuation.

Also, I’m up for workshop tomorrow, again. I still feel like we’ve only had one month of school. This whole day, I thought it was Wednesday.

(Photo credit: Jennifer Causey)

12 thoughts on “Autumn-mmm.

  1. I went to The Smith when I was in New York last month! Also, my opinion really doesn’t mean anything seeing as you’re the actual New Yorker, and you’re the one who introduced me to this place, but don’t forget to go to Menkui Tei! I went twice when I was there and it was just as amazing as I remember.

    1. Thanks! It was fun, got me thinking/realizing how hard first sentences can be as a pitch. First 250 words are hard. Ahh, the following 50,000 words or so are hard, too, I guess haha.

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