The First Halloween Party

Today I went to an old-fashioned Halloween party: bobbing for apples (so. hard. I could not bring myself to do it, and fail, and Carlea has maaad skills for getting it in under 5 seconds), Halloween playlists, pumpkin painting, costumes, games. All hosted and imagined by Carlea and her friend F. Lee. The weather was great for it, too, brisk but not overly chilly, even though it SNOWED yesterday. Yes, snow in October. Anyway – had great, great fun amongst great company. And! It was my first Halloween party. A friend asked me a couple weeks ago if I wanted to write a brief article thing about a personal Halloween experience. I couldn’t think of a thing. I have memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter even. Not Halloween though.

I went as Nancy Drew. Or at least, I attempted it: I had brown oxfords, a magnifying glass necklace, a plaid blazer, a headband. Realized I have way more Veronica Mars outfits in my wardrobe than Nancy Drew outfits. Or maybe next year I’ll go as Harriet the Spy, as Vanessa suggested.

This is the Sumo Wrestler Count Dracula pumpkinhead, and my entry to the pumpkin decorating contest. This was also my do-over; originally, I had a painted yellow pumpkin with green eyes…tried to make him look like the Joker. That was a fail. So I washed off my pumpkin and ta-da!

Sumo Wrestler Count Dracula did not win. The beautifully detailed Wolf Wears Wool pumpkin did! Ahh. I saw her painting white splotches that looked like apostrophes or quotation marks…15 minutes later, they were incredibly detailed characters. Well met, F. Lee, well met.

Black cat and bat cookies. There were also two real live black cats twining about our legs – the very lovely Daphne and Jazz. Cats are like slinkys.

The adorablest meringue ghosts. Which I took photos of and then forgot to eat!

And the SUPER creepy hand of punch. Punch was delicious.

Other things: Vegan pumpkin cheesecake pie. Guessing how many Reese’s M&Ms were in three differently-sized jars (I was like, 400 M&Ms off the mark). We had two rounds of “guess which character/person you have stuck to your forehead that you cannot see but everyone else can.” In the first round, it took me an embarrassingly long time to guess, correctly, that I was Remus Lupin.

In other news, today I finally settled on dog names: Gryph (short for Gryphon) for a male, and Athena for a female. I won’t pick a gender; I’ll go and see what puppy I connect with more, but it’s good to have names prepared. Maybe whatever puppy I end up with won’t be a Gryph or Athena, in which case I’ll be stumped again. I can’t wait to have my own dog, guys. Can’t. Wait.

11 thoughts on “The First Halloween Party

    1. Haha thanks! That was a mess. Like, I was ashamed of myself. It was awful. I painted it yellow, and dabbed on green for eyes and a mouth. That was it.

  1. First of all: so glad you had fun today! You are awesome.

    Secondly: did you know what Jensen Ackles and his girlfriend have a dog named Apollo? I don’t know why I know this, but I do, and it cracks me up. Which is to say, Dean would back you up on the mythic pet names! (Obviously, Daphne and I agree, too.)

    1. I did! I’m so sorry we didn’t get to do the clean-up. But yes – I hope this is an annual thing and the start of once a month game night.

      Nooo, I did not know that! I used to want to name a golden retriever Apollo (I did in fact name one a My Little Pet Shop golden retriever puppy toy Apollo). But yeah, I love mythic names, or names from literature (had a husky-mix dog named Buck when I was a kid).

    1. This was really my first Halloween experience – I don’t really know how other people usually celebrate it, really, but I loved this one! There should only be more opportunities year round for us to dress up in costume!

  2. Yay! Now that looks like a Halloween party! I love the meringue ghosts – I’d probably have devoured those things in a heartbeat. One of the best parts of Halloween is the food, for sure, and it seems like you and your friends did a great job at that. Your costume sounded great too! I went (and read) at a reading last Friday night and dressed up as a reveur…. I felt so hipster. Despite the rave reviews, no one in my real life seems to know about The Night Circus. Well, I made sure to add that, likely in a few years, everyone would be going to the movie premiere dressed as a reveur. But I did it first, hahahaha.

    For my Halloween, I dressed up by wearing a Pikachu shirt to school. My ‘rents are horribly antisocial, so I’ll probably spend the evening with the lights out, in the back room, hiding from possible trick-or-treaters with them. Maybe I can mysteriously pop a Buster Keaton movie in…. *drools*

    Yay, you’re getting a dog? What kind? I love the names you picked out :D I know you’re wanting more of a connection than choosing gender, but usually female dogs have a much easier, laid back personality. I’ve had two boy dogs and one girl over the years and I can totally attest to that. Can’t wait to hear more about it :)

    1. Omg, YAY YOU with The Night Circus costume! I am STILL not done – grading all weekend mostly – but I am definitely going to finish that book this week. Can’t wait to discuss it with you! And how awesome that you have a Pikachu shirt – my concession to Halloween today was to wear a scarf with skulls on it.

      Yes! The plan is for me to get my own dog, finally. I’m leaning towards a standard poodle or a goldendoodle – likely, it will come down to which breed is available at the time, and maybe pricing, too. That is definitely good to know re: dog genders – from everything I’ve heard/read about this, female dogs definitely seem more mellow, less spastic perhaps. But I really love the name Gryph! Ahh maybe I’ll start myself out with a female, and when I feel ready and really experienced with the training, I’ll find myself a Gryph.

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