‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving in NYC was awesome. On Thanksgiving eve when we were all together (well, minus Ross), we had dinner at Sakagura, which was amazing and has the equally amazing Soba Totto right next to it (ate there this spring). For dessert we had black sesame cream brûlée with black sesame ice cream, and pear mille-feuille with Earl Gray ice cream, and let me tell you, it was amazing. Then we went back to Liz and Claire’s apartment and made all the Thanksgiving desserts.

Claire printed out our menu with all the recipes.

Peeled 100 mini pearl onions with Cindi and Ross. The night before, Ross, Liz and I made 100 jalapeno poppers.

We had a lot of food. The turkey was maple-glazed, and it was the best ever turkey. Claire knocked it out of the park with this turkey. I helped a little and got to baste a turkey for the first time (it was pretty easy). We had creamed spinach, applesauce, Wisconsin ham, Hungarian soup, pecan pie, chocolate fudge pie, sweet potatoes, apple pie cookies, apple pie…I won’t go on. Claire turned into Bartender Claire and made mimosas, sex on the beaches…something else that was really yummy…it’s all a blur to me.

The day before I left, Cindi and I walked from 46th to the Apple store on 58th, which was madness. Then back down to Bryant Park for crepes and a bag of sweet popcorn, sufficiently loaded down with food and Christmas gifts.

For some reason, I never realized how close Thanksgiving is to Christmas, really. Now, I love Christmas. Decorations, music, weather, gifts, cards, good food and feasts, family times, what have you. I wouldn’t want year-round Christmas, but I love that it lasts pretty much a month.

Also, I have this compulsion to be the Best Gift Giver. I only bring this up because this year, I am going to score big time with the family and finally reclaim that title, which was usurped by one sibling or another for the past couple years.

My flight back is in exactly two weeks, which is both too long, and not enough time to get things done.

7 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Aw, sounds like a great time was had! That maple-glazed turkey also sounds intense but awesome.

    Also, I’ve been to Sakagura before! This rarely happens. I think I went there one Fashion Week with my coworkers. Like you said, it was awesome.

    1. You know me, I like mixing sweet with savory :D

      Ooh, yeah! The one right next to it, Soba-Totto, is equally awesome. But mannn I love good Japanese food.

  2. Ughhhhh i’m craving Thanksgiving day leftovers. But they are long gone!

    I’m doing a gift exchange with my friends this year. I’m so horrible at buying gifts. Hopefully i draw someone who is easy to shop for, haha.

    1. Now that you said it, I am mad craving them, too haha :P

      Oh, fun! Haha Good luck! I hope you DO get someone easy to shop for. I have like 3 people in my life who are so, so hard, and I always miss the mark :X

  3. WOW! What a spread! You’re so lucky that your friends are also into food! I love that you guys made a menu.

    And LOL on the Christmas presents. Christmas is a competition for me, too!

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah, I always feel other people do most of the work, but I think we had a pretty good division of labor this year.

      I am verrrry excited for this Christmas. Mostly because I think I’ll win.

      1. Yeah, I’m super envious because I don’t have a lot of friends who are into food or even know how to make food, so cooking is often a solitary thing. Man, what a bummer I am.

        I’m interested to see what you get your family for Christmas!

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