Christmas Gets Better Every Year

A few things: Writing support group with Carlea, Kshiti, and Vanessa. 600 words by Wednesday. It’s going.

Christmas was wonderful! Added my aunt, cousin, and grandma to the festivities. We haven’t had a full house like this since we lived in California. Of course I can’t pick a favorite gift, but I will say that I love this pair of sleeping Le Sucre bunnies from Mom. Super adorable and soft. They’ve been doubling as pillows. Meanwhile, Cindi and I gave my youngest brother Leon the Wacom Bamboo Capture Graphics Tablet for Christmas. As you can see from the drawing above, I’ve been playing with it. It’s taking me a bit of time to get used to it, but it’s fun.

Hope everyone’s Christmas was very merry indeed! In other news, the apartment has zero insulation and no indoor heating, so I am perpetually cold. And my goal to write daily installments has fallen by the wayside, but I’m still working on my serial fiction attempt, Cursed.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Gets Better Every Year

  1. Yessss — new blog post! Please do this more often. Like, every day.

    Glad you had a good Christmas, and that you’re making time to write and relax! That said, I can’t wait until you come back so we can resume our daily barrage of gchats!

    1. Hahaha I wish. I have yet to make a New Year’s resolution though.

      Same here! Also, I hope you’re reading good books and our two-person book club can catch up sooon!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! It seems like you got some great gifts – those bunnies are cute! – but I’m sorry that you don’t have heating. That stinks. I wish I could say that I can relate, but it’s still not the case over in FL. I have the fan on every night to keep from waking up in a pile of sweat, haha. I hear that we’re getting a cold front this week, so I’m going to be spending a lot more time outside :)

    Keep going with Cursed! I love it and you’re doing such a good job with the chapters. It’s okay, I believe, to fall behind sometimes because of… grad school life. But don’t give up :)

    1. Happy New Year, Kim! Haha oh, god. Places like Florida seem very fantastical to me right now.

      Haha thanks for the encouragement! I think I need a mix of deadlines/work and time for writing. When I have nothing to do but write, I find I’m a little less productive.

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