Winter ii

Still writing. Totally want some fingerless gloves. Still freezing in the apartment. The heated toilet seats are now the warmest places in the entire apartment.

I’m working on a couple things for workshop/thesis. Nothing worth talking about yet, unfortunately. In any case, here is the playlist I am working off of. It’s titled “Winter ii” because the original playlist had songs added to it without much order. After shuffling it a few times, I found that I liked this shuffled list, so here it is. Click the screencap so you don’t have to squint at it!

My siblings and cousin and I have played endless rounds of Rummikub, charades, and Cranium. We saw Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, which I LOVED, of course. Have been eating super good eats in Taipei. Had Din Tai Fung on Tuesday. Have hit all my favorite night market vendor stands. Am going back for SECONDS!

Weather has been pretty gloomy here, a lot of overcast skies and rain. On New Year’s Eve, the wind blew all the smoke from the Taipei 101 fireworks in our direction, so the entire building was completely enshrouded. Still, it looked pretty spectacular.

6 thoughts on “Winter ii

  1. this entry made me so incredibly nostalgic for our old writing days, except you were much younger and working on college apps in taipei. :) great playlist, btw!

    also, LITTLE DRAGON BAG! <3

    1. Haha “much younger” oh boy. But yes! ME. TOO. And you know what? As I was screencapping that playlist, I kid you not, I thought of that time when you and I were talking about our iTunes, and how you had far more male artists. And I was like, “I have a balance!” but secretly thinking, dammit, I so do not have a balance! I definitely have more female artists. As evidenced by this playlist. Boo.

      Nostalgic also for the thousands and thousands of covos, all with gems like little dragon bag.

    1. I’m here right now, and I ALREADY feel like I can’t get enough of the food here. You must definitely chronicle your return to Taiwan!

      Haha I saw those funny things when they went up and DEFINITELY thought at the time that maybe I should’ve invested in a pair. Alas.

  2. Wow, sounds like you’re having a great time, save for the freezing nature of the apartment (You have heated toilets? Woah). I’m back at school and didn’t put on more layers than just a cardigan to step outside the door. And I’m sure it’s going to be stupidly warm this afternoon. So much for the cold front ;_;

    I love the playlist! Yay, for Priscilla Ahn. I’ll have to look up some of those other songs as well :)

    1. You’d think I’d get used to the cold apartment, but…no. The reason being is it’s only cold here like, 3 months out of the year, so no insulation or heaters or anything. I can’t imagine a place where it’s just WARM LIKE ONLY A CARDIGAN IS ENOUGH. Sounds wonderful!

      Yes! If you like Priscilla Ahn and Lenka, I think you would also enjoy Agnes Obel, Angus & Julia Stone. The only song I like by Elisa is “Dancing,” but it’s a really good one :)

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