Ghoulish Tinies, New and Old

Does anyone remember Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies: Or, After the Outing? That morbid little abecedarium, in rhyming couplets, with each letter being a child who was knocked off in some macabre way? I hadn’t come across it in a while—I remember it in conjunction with In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories. (Incidentally, does anyone remember the short story from that book, “The Green Ribbon”? “Once there was a girl named Jenny. She was like all the other girls, except for one thing. She always wore a green ribbon around her neck…”) Anyway, I stumbled across it again and decided to look up the entire series. In the course of my search, I found something awesome.

Someone (Catriona Mackay, “author, alchemist & arranger of syllables”, and Chronographia von Strangehours, “one-woman illustrative deathsquad”/Jennifer Fabian, designer) created The Hogwarts Tinies, or, After the Rowling. Oh. Yes.

This just further convinces me that Harry Potter readers are some of the most creative people ever. This homage to Edward Gorey not only follows his black and white style of illustration, but the Hogwarts set makes a faithful attempt with the rhymes, too. See the complete series here.

7 thoughts on “Ghoulish Tinies, New and Old

    1. In this case, it was just so much stumbling around. I was browsing the website of a mythic fiction writer, from there I jumped to a related blog that featured the above drawing from Edward Gorey. I was google image searching for more of the alphabet and found the Hogwarts Tinies. I am impressed by the rhymes, b/c most of them aren’t just totally random but are some trivia tidbit to the character. The Parvati one made me lol.

  1. I remember those stories! The Green Ribbon was one of my favorites when I was a kid, my mom and I used to read it together before bedtime. Now you’ve got me nostalgic for old-school children’s ghost stories.

  2. Oh my god, the Hogwarts Tinies are awesome! And I love, love, love the Green Ribbon. I actually wrote a short story based on it while ago, but we know how my track record for ‘inspired-by’ stories has been going of late.

  3. !!!!!! “The Green Ribbon!” Lee, you are amazing for looking this up. I used to own that “In a Dark, Dark Room” book when I was a a kid and that story was my favorite. I loved it. One day, I want to write something inspired by it. I think I managed to find scans of the story, but it would be great to have that book back to hold my hands. Thanks for reminding me of the title – otherwise, as it had, it would have been lost to memory.

    I haven’t read much of Gorey, but it’s amazing how much of that is reblogged on Tumblr, haha. I love the Hogwarts edition, especially with the drawing too.

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