Ten Days On The Writing Wagon

Today marks the official, unbroken 10th day of writing. (Although, a little premature because I haven’t yet written today. But I will, so it’s basically 10 days in a row already.) Yay! Unfortunately, it’s nothing to get too excited about. Sometimes I rearrange sentences or change a word. Sometimes I only write a single sentence, and it’s not even a sentence I can be all, “OMG THIS SENTENCE IS SO AWESOME” about, it’s just a regular sentence so I can say that I wrote something for the day. Maybe I have been cheating a little.

I’m reading Three Lives by Gertrude Stein for a class. I am not going to link to the Amazon page because I do not recommend it. Maybe this will change later on. If so, then I will do an ETA and link back to it. But at the moment I am doubtful this will happen.

I watched Chronicle tonight with a few other fiction writers as part of the ongoing Bad Movie Night, and it was EXCELLENT! I loved it. Not as much as I will love The Bourne Legacy (spies/agents > superpowered people), but it was just so much better than I thought a found footage style film would be.

Also, I just want to say that my new favorite blog is Ten Pages and Draw. Basically, it’s a collaborative project where illustrators sketch out a response to a weekly theme, swap their sketches, and complete someone else’s sketch. Man! The talent there is just out of control.

2 thoughts on “Ten Days On The Writing Wagon

  1. OMG, I love Ten Paces and Draw. What a great find! Adding it to my bookmarks right now.

    Also, as someone who regularly goes 10+ unbroken days of not writing, I can say that what you’re doing is very admirable! I hope you post links to the final products!

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