The Golden Key

Susan and Carlea and I have spent the last month working on a project that was unveiled yesterday: A speculative literary journal, The Golden Key, inspired by the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale of the very same name. Our first issue calls for SHARP THINGS.

I haven’t updated much because I’ve been working towards thesis—turned that in last Wednesday—and my defense is next week. I’m also reading for the first time next Friday! Very nervous and not sure what I’ll read yet. Anyway, I plan to update my blog every day as soon as I land in Taipei this summer. Going to try and blog every day of my year in Taiwan. Will see how that goes.

Today marks my 48th day of writing in a row. I hit a peak of non-stop writing last week (that lasted about a week), but after I handed in my thesis, I’ve mostly just been rearranging punctuation and tinkering with the same sentences. Not falling off this writing wagon! Tonight I’m going to try and do some serious writing business (re: actually write something substantial). I started this “write every day” thing because of Carlea, and a couple weeks ago, Tatyana sent me this link to Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret, which is basically the same thing—the trick is to set a goal and never take a break from it. It’s working so far!

Have found myself rereading Lydia Davis’ Five Stories. I love them all, especially “The Mice.” Now I’m reading through everything that Conjunctions has archived online. I’m also reading Aryn Kyle’s Boys and Girls Like You and Me, which I can’t put down. I also find it incredibly illuminating and helpful in regards to my own writing. I love that 1) I’m still finding favorite authors and stories, and 2) still learning the writing craft! I’ve been thinking a lot about this because my defense (or “discussion” or whatever it is) is just around the corner, and it’s almost a sure thing that I’ll be asked to say something about how I feel I’ve changed/grown as a writer since entering the MFA program.

4 thoughts on “The Golden Key

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GOLDEN KEY! I love what you guys have created, and cannot wait to see issue 1. You should be so proud of yourselves!

    Oh man, blogging every day for a year? Does that include weekends?

    Also, Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret kind of blows my mind. I’m going to try it this week!

    1. Thank you! We’re all really excited :D More speculative fiction, I say!

      And yes—weekends included! Since I won’t really be traveling anywhere (except on the island, I guess), I should always be able to post. It’ll basically be a chronicle/journal. And I hope it’ll help keep me busy and trying new things, so I’ll have something to write about.

      Yeah! Try it for something—I hope it works for you!

  2. Love the new layout — very clean and stylish! And you know I’m excited about “The Golden Key” and about daily blog updates (even if it means you’re a million miles away). Also, I know I said it earlier, but good for you for keeping up the daily writing!

    1. Thank you! It needed a change. I like that you changed your header, even though I love the old one!

      Daily writing, daily blog posts—I have learned much from you, my friend. The daily writing thing is the best habit ever.

      Have we officially celebrated the launch of TGK? (Do we need a reason to get together and celebrate?)

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