I Know It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Pretend It Was Just Yesterday

So, months have passed and I’ve cycled back around to using another piece by artist Becca Stadtlander for my current desktop in October. I’ve added a couple more writing apps since then—I bought the full version of Ommwriter, because I love it so, and since Scrivener was on sale, I thought WHAT THE HELL, HELLO IMPULSE BUY. I haven’t actually used it yet, but of course people have been saying good things about it for years. The yellow old-fashioned radio is Radium, and it’s basically a cute little internet radio player.

And like the subject of this entry reads, I’m just going to jump into summing up the things on my mind at the moment.

Fox, the abandoned shiba inu we took in. He’s two (or thereabouts, the vet said), and he is so awesome. Very cat-like, this dog. Pretty much only comes when he feels like it and does what you tell him to when he feels like you’re giving him the right incentive. But—he likes to chill by me when I’m writing, he always barks an alert when there are unexpected noises outside, he slept by me the three days I was sick and just moving from bed to sofa, and he’s a great dog to take walks with. So far have only taught him sit, shake, high-five, up, down, roll over, and to come running when I blow this whistle I got from ModCloth on a whim. Trying to think of other things to teach him; I kind of want to see if I can get him to jump up and hit the down elevator button. My favorite thing to do with Fox is go to the river and swim, but it has actually gotten too cold for that now.

Earl Grey and chocolate mousse from Boite de Bijou. Cindi and I are going to a new place at least once a week, and so far, we’ve kept to that.

I’ve also found, independently, two coffee places that I love. Relax, an espresso/chocolate bar that pairs a truffle with your coffee order (I had the cappuccino with the burnt caramel praline, flecked with sea salt). It also has a speakeasy hidden on the premises, but it hasn’t opened yet. And Cafe Marché, which serves a selection of coffee and teas, plus crepes. I am ging to try out the crepes soon. What both of these places have in common (besides coffee and WiFi) is a terrific interior decorator. Love the wood tables and communal workspace feel.

In other news, with no accompanying picture, I’ve officially graduated. Working on my YA novel now. Currently have 23k words. Have nothing else to say on this front at the moment.

There’s a whole host of other stuff to cover, but now I’m tired. Good night! …I ended lamely.

6 thoughts on “I Know It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Pretend It Was Just Yesterday

  1. YAY! Welcome back, L!!! :D Loved reading about Fox. More backstory, pls. And 23K is a HUGE chunk! Good for you. Glad to see that so many things are working out for you.

    1. Thanks, S! I am totally one of those people who talk a lot about their dog/cat/whatever haha. Overall, I’d say Fox is pretty staid, personality-wise, so he doesn’t get into too many (or any) shenanigans!

  2. OMG, how wonderful it is to see a new blog post from you! Time has flown by so quickly that – don’t worry – it does seem like just yesterday. I love the layout of your blog (it looks like you’ve changed some things, but it’s still nice and neat). I love your desktop background; I’d probably get hungry if I looked at that all the time… so I look at Buster instead on my desktop, mwahaha.

    Fox is ADORABLE! I can barely teach my own dog tricks, so I’m really impressed to hear about all the things he can do! Dogs are the best when you’re sick. Mine likes to lay all over me, as if smothering me will make me feel better, haha.

    Ooooooh, the coffee shops. You have to go to the speakeasy when it opens! That sounds like so much fun!

    1. Time does fly by! I’ve thought in terms of school semesters for so long that it’s odd to realize that the fall semester is nearing its close, and that I didn’t do any of the usual school things.

      I’m sure having Buster on your desktop is inspirational and a feel-good, that’s for sure :D

      I love Fox! He’s not a huge cuddler most of the time, but he likes to stay near me when I write. Looove haha.

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