Current Desktop: Rifle Paper Co.

Last two weeks of April. Current desktop is the Botanical Chart card by Rifle Paper Co., my favorite paper goods company. I love artist Anna Bond’s style of illustration. I have the “Uh Oh” print and a host of cards that I’ve mailed to a bunch of people over the past two years. I especially love the Christmas card artwork.

I’ve been using Scrivener more and more—to lay out the TGK issue and my own novel and now short stories. So what usually happens is I’ll write the first draft in Ommwriter because it’s blank and completely distraction-free and I focus great on it. No over-thinking, no editing. Once I’ve written a good chunk there, I’ll move it into Microsoft Word and continue tinkering with it (also spellchecking everything). I work over the revision in Scrivener. The change in scene/display helps me look over things, and I’ve got things I’ve missed from app to app.

In other news, Verse Kraken has accepted two of my short pieces, “To Those Who Ask” and “Her Companions,” for their first issue to be released this June! I loved their call for submissions and am glad to be able to contribute something.

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