Just Business As Usual: April/May

Or, what I’ve been up to lately:

Cindi’s surprise birthday, or, the garden party that wasn’t. The weather was not pleasant, so I moved everything indoors with the help of my brother. I went a little crazy on Pinterest DIY projects, which is what happens when one gets really sick of one’s work-in-progress, and made name placards and little menus and a whole lot of crepe paper stuff. Good food, good company on a pretty dreary Sunday afternoon.

One evening when the weather was nice, Cin and I finished off a bottle of wine in the garden. It’s been very nice spending this year with family. The siblings and I have started a sort of unofficial reading hour, where we all read our respective books at the same time in the living room. After we wrap our current round of books (Leon’s reading a trilogy), we’re going to all read The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart in a kind of book club. I heard about this book from this 9-year-old girl at a garage sale who was very intent on selling it to me. She started giving me a little book report right on the driveway. Anyway, she made the sale but I never got the chance to read it.

Went to the secondhand market at what is usually the Simple Market today with Mom, Cindi, and Fox. It reminds me a bit of going garage sale shopping in California, except everyone was mostly selling clothes, and I prefer to look at other stuff I wouldn’t normally go out of my own way to find.

In other news, I’m still working on The Golden Key’s Issue 2—putting it on the site, creating a PDF and EPUB and possibly a MOBI for the Kindle. Scrivener has turned out to be very user-friendly in putting together the PDF and EPUB—that was a very pleasant surprise. Of course, every ten minutes in the beginning I was googling for tutorials, but now I’ve gotten the hang of it. Future issues should be a cinch (hopefully). Projected release date for Issue 2 is June 15!

I also finished all 17 Jack Reacher novels in a week. Not quite sure how I got hooked on them, but I did.

…And I won’t talk about how the novel is going. It’s going! I have writen 123 days in a row. Today will be the 124th.

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