New Fiction in Verse Kraken

The first issue of Verse Kraken came out this week! I am delighted to have two pieces in it: “To Those Who Ask” and “Her Companions.” A magazine of hybrid art, Verse Kraken offers layered “spurs” for creators to “(re-)interpret, respond to, or use as a launching-pad for their own work.” Both my pieces came out of the photograph of Maud Wagner spur.

I urge everyone to delve into the issue. The editors have put together an issue full of deliciously spiny pieces, full of language that feels new and uncommon. I can’t resist sharing just a few of my favorite pieces from an issue of many favorites:

“How to Curse” by Jacqueline Wright and Sophie Mayer:

Ice cream vans
My candy girl, sand
castle queen, hand
on my heart, hand
in my hand / Miranda

Melissa Lee-Houghton has two very striking pieces, each responding to a different spur: “Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here” and “All of My Love”.

I read over Tim Dooley’s “The Tempest by Percy Snow, 1908” so many times already.

Ruth Jenkins “The Sea is Another Story” made me scream with delight. I’m not quite sure how to describe it—a story game of sorts, maybe.

Adam Horovitz’s “Love Poem Disguised as a Fairy Tale”: “She whispers from the soft purse / of her deer’s mouth that she still has much to do.”

Dive in and sink into these pieces—or they’ll sink into you.

ETA: One of the editors, Claire Trévien, has made a hyperlink poem from the contributors’ pieces. It is splendid and a great way to enter the issue.

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