Writing Necessities

Writing apps I use on the laptop: Microsoft Word 2008, Ommwriter, Scrivener, and iA Writer (pictured above). I acquired them in that order.

I now mostly use Word for business-type things: cover letters and résumé work, lesson planning and other teaching materials. Ommwriter for focusing on getting a new idea down, translating sparks of inspiration into very rough first draft work. Scrivener for reworking the first drafts of short stories and the novel. iA Writer I only just got last night, and I’m not sure how I want to or will use it yet—it’s another focused writing app similar to Ommwriter, and my favorite feature is how it can fade out the surrounding text, which stops me from going back to edit while I’m still in the process of getting my ideas down.

Music/Audio: I used to create iTunes playlists for story moods. I’ve been doing this less and less this year though, as most of my library has become too familiar and too distracting. The ambient soundtrack, matched with the keyboard sounds, from Ommwriter still work like a charm for me. I’m still using their original soundtrack instead of the new one—the tracks still work for me, so I didn’t update. Coffitivity, which Cindi recently put me on, streams the ambient sounds of a cafe. And sometimes I’ll just stick in the earphones but I don’t actually listen to anything.

Temperature: Needs to be cool. I can’t write when I feel like I’m melting into the seat of my chair.

Food and Drink: On the side of hungry, and with water on the side. Caffeine I only take in the morning or early afternoon and doesn’t make a huge difference either way for me.

Other: 1) I’ve liked having Fox curl up near me while I work this year. He’ll come to me and put his paws up on my knees, which I take as a good time to take a break. 2) I have a separate Pinterest for storyboards.

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