Call for Submissions: Things Unseen

The Golden Key‘s new call for submissions went up this week. The Issue 3 theme is Things Unseen. Submissions guidelines and other details can be found here.

Because I’m still on a crazy Vine and now Instagram video kick, I decided to make a little promo video.

I decided to depict the Grimm Brothers’ unending fairy tale, “The Golden Key,” that launched our journal in the first place: A boy, gathering firewood in wintertime, happens upon a little golden key. Figuring that where there is a key, there must also be a lock, he feels around in the snow and finds an iron chest. The story ends with him fitting the key to the lock and finally opening it, leaving the chest’s contents unknown and open to imagination.

I cut out some tree silhouettes and snow, found a gold key (from my brother’s Hogwarts LEGO set) and a treasure chest (another LEGO piece) and then realized I had no human toys, only animals (mostly dogs). I didn’t want to use a LEGO man. So I used this bear that I’ve had forever.

To the right, you can see my next Vine in progress. It’s going to be a dog slumber party with glitter and confetti.

I filmed a version on Vine and then one on Instagram, which is what I’ve embedded below. Which one do you prefer?

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