Some Writing, Some Reading

In writing news, I landed a piece in the next issue of NANO Fiction! “The River of Discard” will be out in print this November.

In reading news, I’m a Storyspotter for Storybird, which has been a lot of fun. I used to use the site pretty casually, but since I started storyspotting, I’ve found a lot of writers that I like to follow. There are some awesome stories there that are written so fantastically, it’s hard to believe the artist and writer didn’t collaborate from the get-go to produce exactly that story, or that the provided illustration wasn’t intended to be used in exactly that way (see: “Being a Teenager”). A couple stories I really liked: “A Bad Case of Awesomeness”, “How I Know My Life is No Fairy Tale”, and “Perfectly Valid and Acceptable Reasons for Becoming a Professional Vacationer.”

I also tried my hand at creating a story to accompany a set of illustrations: “The Tale of My Father’s Five Tasks to Break Our Family’s Bad Luck Curse” based off art from Oya’s Factory.

Submissions for the third issue of The Golden Key are underway and going strong. I maintain a detailed master list of all submissions for each issue, and I was thrilled to see that we received three times the amount of submissions we have in the past for the first month of the reading period. We’re getting a lot of really creative takes on the Things Unseen theme. Brief breakdown: returned most submissions within 4 weeks, holding onto about 12 things, accepted 3 pieces.

(Featured Image: Illustration by Olya’s Factory)

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