Friday Fiction: Poems from inkscrawl

Some of the most intense, marvelous pieces I’ve read and can’t forget are short and spare, and one of my favorite places to tap into more of that is inkscrawl, a journal of short speculative poetry.

Each poem is ten lines or less. Some of them read like a one-breath incantation. I love them so much.

Here’s a round-up of a few poems from inkscrawl. They’re small but not slight. Linger over them—I did.

“Of Sleep and Dreams and Random Things “ by Nancy Ellis Taylor, “What We Carry” by Beth Cato, “Even an Empty Life Can Hold Water” by Peg Duthie, “Desert Protocol” by Ann K. Schwader, “Sarcophagus” by N.E. Taylor, and Assorted Very Short Poems.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Poems from inkscrawl

    1. Hi! Of course I remember :) I’ve been following The Teacup Trail! So happy to see another place that’s fostering speculative work. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get around to reading inkscrawl—I think I read everything in their archives at this point though!

      1. Why, thank you! I think there should be more places out there to publish speculative stuff, really. And yes – once you start reading inkscrawl, it’s almost impossible to stop :3 there are so many lovely poems in there.

        Oh, one question – now that Issue 3 of The Golden Key is almost out (ahh! so excited!), does that mean that Lightning Cake submissions will be reopening soon?

      2. Happily, it seems like there are plenty of places to read speculative fiction and poetry, many of them available online!

        Lightning Cake probably won’t reopen until 2014—thank you for asking after it!

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