Friday Fiction: “The Balcony” and the Unseen Issue

Two recommendations for Friday, November 15:


In the lull before morning recess, David looked up to see his mother’s head framed in the window of the classroom door. She grimaced, peered in, pressed the mesh with her vivid mouth. David sat in the back row, but even from his distance, he could see that her cheeks were flushed. She caught David’s eye, pointed frantically down at something out of sight, and waved. Her red kerchief sat askew on her hair. David, heart pounding, bowed his head. He sat hoping to himself that it was still early enough in the day that she hadn’t become wild.

“The Balcony” by Amy Parker

Unstuck is teasing excerpts from their third issue. I really enjoyed Amy Parker’s “The Witch Almanac” so I went looking for more of her work.

That led me to “The Balcony” on FiveChapters. This story cut a swath through me. The people in it are in a state of distress that I got caught up in.


Happy 1-year anniversary to The Golden Key! Issue 3: Things Unseen was released on Wednesday. Ten writers tackle writing the invisible. It’s speculative, it’s unsettling, it’s sure to shadow you for days. Each piece is illustrated by my super talented friend, Stacy Nguyen.

Here’s one word from each of the ten pieces to whet your appetite: forked, steamer, Camembert, obsidian, spine, wraith-mother, limestone, peaches, séance, bouquet.

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