My YA short story, “Ascension,” is out now in the new Suddenly Lost in Words Volume 4. There are 9 stories in Volume 4, including mine.

Here’s an excerpt:

Ink stains my fingers like irregular birthmarks. My hands smell strongly of lime juice, which only paled the marks instead of cleaning them out. My hair, the only feature I take pride in, hangs limply about my face. There is ink in it, too. I look nothing like the refined girls of Eben’s acquaintance, girls with lustrous, upswept hair and fat, honeyed curls that could coil twice around a boy’s wrist like well-fed snakes.

Two calls for submissions I want to highlight:

1) The Golden Key
Submissions for the Hungry Things issue are still ongoing and will run until March 31. Also, at the bottom of our recent “Submitting to The Golden Key” post, there’s a wish list of things we’d love to see come in.

2) THE SEA IS OURS Anthology
Rosarium Publishing is putting together an anthology of Southeast Asian steampunk. I’m very excited about this project—can’t wait to see what stories come out of it. It’s also inspired me to delve into Southeast Asian mythologies and folklore, so I’m currently falling down that rabbit hole.

2 thoughts on ““Ascension”

  1. Congrats on having your short story published! The excerpt sounds amazing and I’ve love to read the whole thing (I’ll be adding it to my reading list).

    As always, I’ll be writing my entry for The Golden Key. I have an idea about what to do, but I wont get to actually writing it until my first draft of my WIP is finished (40k is usually the Point of No Return for me, haha. It’s great to be so focused).

    1. Thank you so much, Kim!

      Oooh, I love to hear you say that! And I’m awed by how much you have on your plate, not to mention all the progress you’ve made! Congratulations on your WIP!

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