Friday Fiction: “Beyond, Behind, Below”

This week’s Friday Fiction is actually something I read last Friday and forgot to post here. It is “Beyond, Behind, Below” by Betsy Phillips, published in Issue 1 of Betwixt.

Out beyond the big house with its massive Greek columns, behind the brick kitchen, farther than the vegetable garden, below the slave quarters, past the new barn and the fallow lower fields, on the other side of the stacked stone wall, across a muddy lane, along a creek sat the old cabin—the first home place, now abandoned.

I love this story—so much so, I emailed the writer b/c I couldn’t contain myself. Basically, I love the way this story unfolds—the way it seems to dip in and out of time and feels like it is traveling a path that loops back. And the prose just hooks me some place vulnerable. Mostly I just found myself rereading it and feeling myself sink in time and then bobbing forward. It’s a witchy, beautiful, unsparing story.

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