What I’m Reading Now—Japanese Tales by Royall Tyler

I was pretty fascinated by E. R. Warren’s blog posts—not to mention her fiction available on Figment—so I asked her for a few book recommendations on Japanese mythology and literature, as I didn’t know where to start. You can find her recommendations post here.

I biked to my local library this morning to pick up Japanese Tales, edited and translated by Royall Tyler. It was in a modest section of fairy tales, folklore, and myths, and I grabbed a bunch of its neighbors off the shelves. Then I realized I didn’t bring a bag, and my bike basket isn’t big enough. So I could only take back Japanese Tales and Philip Pullman’s Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Looking forward to reading the section on foxes—there are two!

Speaking of foxes…I miss Fox!

In other news: The Golden Key’s Issue #4: Hungry Things was released this week! It contains 20 hungry pieces from 15 amazing writers, all gorgeously illustrated by Jen Muir—a speculative feast, served up just in time for summer.

My first short story acceptance, “The Pocket Watch Prince,” has been reprinted as a podcast, and it’s up now at Toasted Cake!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now—Japanese Tales by Royall Tyler

  1. I really enjoy the fox stories, as well as the god sections. I’m happy you were able to get your hands on the book, and I’m sorry the bike basket wasn’t big enough for the others! I’ll have to think of other recommendations…

    1. I’m so looking forward to the fox stories! I know I don’t have to read this book in order, but I’m doing it anyway, and really enjoying it—the weirdness, the humor (finished reading the Surprises and Monk Jokes stories). I know the writer said in his introduction that he cut out a lot of the identifying details that made the texts “unnecessarily obscure”, but in some places, I kind of wished for just a bit more.

      Thank you so much for this recommendation. I’m definitely buying my own copy.

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