California Summertime

Spark Camera, made by IDEO’s in-house Toy Lab, is one of my favorite apps. It lets you create short videos with multiple clips, add music for a soundtrack, and choose a filter.

The video shooting/editing apps I used in the past were usually slow and overloaded. Editing, adding, and rearranging clips almost always crashed those apps, so for a while I gave up on video apps and just put my films together in iMovie.

But then I found Spark Camera, and it is everything all those other apps were not. It is a beautiful, elegant app. The tools are simply laid out but incredibly powerful. Uploading AND downloading a video is lightning fast.

I love documenting daily life, and I am in love with making slice-of-life films in this app. Over the past few months, I’ve captured moments like my best friend’s ring sizing, meals with friends, nice days out, leisurely walks.

Here’s the latest video I made with Spark Camera: California Summertime (part 1). It’s also currently featured in the Spark Camera gallery! The song is “Daydreaming” by Groenland.

In other news, I also love reading Issue 4 of Through the Gate, which publishes fantastical poetry. It’s a short issue, and one to savor.

2 thoughts on “California Summertime

  1. Oh, what a great video! (Those plums looked delicious!) Definitely a slice of life. I’ve never looked into video apps, but now I’m curious. I’ll have to look up the Spark Camera and think about doing a video after my thesis-writing…

    1. Thank you! The plums are delicious, but I picked too many and now am trying to find a recipe that uses plums.

      Oh, I do hope you’ll make a video with Spark Camera! Overall, my experience using it has been great, and I film so many because making videos in it is so quick and easy. Good luck with your thesis revisions!!!

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