The Golden Key Flash Fiction Open, Judged by Karin Tidbeck

Back in 2011, when we first launched The Golden Key and got on Twitter, we received a really friendly and encouraging tweet from the editor of Unstuck, just saying that he was looking forward to the launch of TGK.

Unstuck was getting ready to launch their Issue #1 around that time, I think, and they were sharing excerpts on the website. I gulped those down and couldn’t wait to read those stories and poems in their entirety. The excerpt that struck me the most, and the story that I turned to first when I finally got my copy, was “Cloudberry Jam” by Karin Tidbeck.

You grew steadily through the winter months. I sang to you and fed you small drops of milk. By Yule you were big enough that I moved you to a larger container, an old bucket. You started kicking then, I suppose because you finally had room to move around.

– Karin Tidbeck, “Cloudberry Jam,” Unstuck #1

It’s a wonderfully odd and kind of really touching story, and one of my favorites in Unstuck #1. (Unstuck is always great, and gorgeously made, and its print issues always sell out. So happy I have them on my bookshelf!) After that I kept up with Karin Tidbeck’s stories, getting a thrill every time I saw her name pop up.

Anyway, this is all just to tell you that I’m a huge fan of Karin Tidbeck, and I am HUGELY THRILLED that she is judging TGK’s first ever contest: The Golden Key Flash Fiction Open.

The contest is open to flash fiction under 500 words, and the grand prize is $200 and publication in Issue #6. And, because each of TGK’s issues are themed, the winning piece will also set the theme for our sixth issue. Plus, every entry goes towards supporting future contributors to the journal!

Finally, I am in love with the poster created by the insanely talented F. Lee. I love so much that we are PEEKING THROUGH A KEYHOLE.

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