Things I Googled While Writing

Conclusion: This is why I donate to Wikipedia.

What color are oysters, what color are dead oysters, do oysters bleed, prison eating utensils, funeral customs, Victorian parlor games, wiki dancing mania, are nail files allowed in prison, wiki animal sacrifice, what makes a blue flame vs orange flame, why don’t candles burn hot, why can’t I forge metal in a candle flame, online chemistry courses, what weapons are prison guards equipped with

What is Barbie’s hair made out of, what are American girl dolls made out of, poem about Egyptian monument turning to dust, wiki forgery, are figs fruit, do figs grow on trees, fig shrubs, are olives fruit, clavicle bone or bones

How long do koi live, how fast do bears move, how far do bears travel, does steel rust, how to hail a taxi, wiki tree farm, wiki tree plantation, how many clavicles does the human body have

Do koi have teeth, how many people have been killed by piranha, what will acid do to bones, what are most restaurant plates made out of, has anyone in ever tried to lay out a journal issue in Scrivener, clickable toc Scrivener

What does tar smell like, how many anchors have been dropped in the ocean, what happens to anchors left in the ocean, what are moth nutrients, how many feet do moths have, list of canned foods, how many eggs do eagles lay, how fragile is pumice

Wiki killing a god, wiki famous mansions, wiki famous manors, how long do trains stop in a station, how high up do trapeze artists perform

How do astronauts keep their helmets from fogging up, what types of rooms echo the most, do mosquitoes bite the dead, what does the areca nut palm smell like, wiki Naga fireballs, wiki abandoned ships at sea, fat snakes

What do turtles drink, can turtles drink honey, how many full moons in a year, cicadas live in what kinds of trees, what does a broken arm feel like

2 thoughts on “Things I Googled While Writing

  1. Oh my god. I am in love with this. When I was writing the thriller I was working on last year, my Google searches were ridiculous – I feel like if I had posted them, I would have been arrested or something.

    1. I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE. There was a screenshot of a thread of Tumblr posts with all these “Dear NSA, Please don’t be alarmed I just need to find out how to break into this building for a story” comments that made me lol <3

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