Peanut Butter & Honey Banana Ice Cream

When I woke up yesterday, Kshiti linked me to this Magic One-Ingredient Ice Cream recipe. The sun was out, it was already hot inside the apartment, and I developed an instant craving.

Usually, I save recipes and never get around to making them unless there’s some specific occasion, as I’m almost always missing one or two ingredients. But I was determined to make this today because bananas, peanut butter, and honey is basically what my sister has for her breakfast every single day. So we were fully-stocked.

…or so I thought. Turns out she’s eaten so many bananas, we only had one left. Anyway, I replenished our banana supply and made the peanut butter and honey banana ice cream in the afternoon.

Directions: 1) 1½ bananas makes 2 servings. (I decided to use 3 bananas instead.) Slice them into coins and freeze them. 2) Once they’re frozen, blend them in a food processor until they’re the texture of soft-serve ice cream. (We don’t have a food processor in Taiwan. I used a blender; that worked, I just had to turn over the mixture occasionally.) 3) Then blend in the honey and peanut butter. (The original recipe has more exact measurements. I upped the peanut butter. I also added white chocolate chips because I didn’t have any dark chocolate and I wanted some in there.) 4) Put the blended mix into the freezer and serve once it’s solid.

The only downside to this recipe is that the blended mixture took longer than I wanted for it to freeze. It sat in the freezer all night and when I took it out this morning, it was rock hard. I transferred it to the fridge for an hour and then it was good to go.