Current Desktop: Art&Ghosts

Current desktop is a tiled print by Art&Ghosts. A little spooky, but I love the paper cut-out silhouette feel to it. It also happens to be one of the really lovely trends in YA book covers lately.

Links I’ve been crushing on:

io9’s Concept Art Writing Prompts: I love io9. A while back, Carlea put me onto their weekly prompts. Every Saturday, they provide a curious piece of concept art—usually with some speculative bent—and invite io9 readers to write their own story based on the photo.

Whiskey River, which tweets a lovely quote every day, and The Times Is On It, a parody account of obvious news.

Stories I read lately that unsettled me: “The Twins” by Curtis Smith, “Tree on Fire” by Nicole Lungerhausen, and “The Ghost of Berries” by Joe Fassler.

In other news, digital issues of The Golden Key are now available for download through Gumroad here on a free or pay-what-you-choose scale. The release date of Issue 2: Old Things has been tweaked to Wednesday, June 12!