Mixtape Monday: We Will All Go Out

Here we are, with Mixtape Occasionally-On-Monday. A few songs that evoke (for me anyway) setting out and getting lost. A willingness to depart and arrive. Maybe with a little wistfulness dashed in there. I had some vague ideas of all the photographs illustrating some movement from dawn to dusk, and the songs start from convincing/conspiring to leave, to going home or someplace new.

Oh, and, Happy Halloween!

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Mixtape Monday: Collecting Ghosts

I used to do these posts matching photographs with songs, which I loved, except it got to be a little time-consuming. But I miss doing them and sharing music, so I thought I’d try picking it up again except this time I’d just do a mini version (5 songs instead of 12). My goal is to put it out on Mondays b/c Mondays are No Fun. Anyway, in honor of it being almost October, and for me getting Pretty Monsters a day early and reading “The Constable of Abal” (a mother and daughter team catch ghosts with ribbons and charms), a mixtape of specters and strangeness. Excerpt:

Zilla fed gobbets of tragedy, romance, comedy to the ghosts who dangled so hungrily at the end of their ribbons. One has to feed a ghost something delicious, and there is only so much blood a grown woman and a smallish girl have to spare.

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