Friday Fiction: “My Strength Is That of a Hundred Men Because My Heart Is Pure”

Because I read a lot of stuff and so much of it is awesome and I feel compelled to share, I’ve decided to do just that every Friday. Kind of like a #fridayreads thing, but short fiction, most of it available for free online.

This week it is:

“My Strength Is That of a Hundred Men Because My Heart Is Pure” by Jessica Francis Kane on Narrative. It’s an iStory, a genre Narrative designed for their mobile app. 15o sharp words. Read it! This piece shook me. Because it’s so short, I won’t excerpt any of it out and will just direct you to sign up for an account with Narrative because it’s worth it.

Mixtape Monday: Collecting Ghosts

I used to do these posts matching photographs with songs, which I loved, except it got to be a little time-consuming. But I miss doing them and sharing music, so I thought I’d try picking it up again except this time I’d just do a mini version (5 songs instead of 12). My goal is to put it out on Mondays b/c Mondays are No Fun. Anyway, in honor of it being almost October, and for me getting Pretty Monsters a day early and reading “The Constable of Abal” (a mother and daughter team catch ghosts with ribbons and charms), a mixtape of specters and strangeness. Excerpt:

Zilla fed gobbets of tragedy, romance, comedy to the ghosts who dangled so hungrily at the end of their ribbons. One has to feed a ghost something delicious, and there is only so much blood a grown woman and a smallish girl have to spare.

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September, Starting Up Again

First of all, a new layout/design! The orgiami animals are from a textile I saw in Ikea that I may still go back for. I can’t sew (ah, well, I can, but badly), but…I know people who can, and that’s what matters!

So, school has started, and I’m now a second-year Fiction student. I’m taking two classes (a literature class on the media, and workshop), teaching two, and meeting my thesis adviser for thesis hours. Teaching two classes is hard. And that’s all I have to say on that, haha.

I submitted the first part (“chapter” would be an overstatement) of a novel to workshop already (was unlucky enough to be up at bat first), and I was really surprised by the positive response to the weird, magical element in those pages, and questions/suggestions of how I could tease that into the other sections. It was hugely encouraging, and one of the reasons why is because the scenes of strangeness were parts I had written on an inspired whim. The rest of it was more or less forced. So it was interesting to see that people definitely responded more to the part where there was more heart and blood going to it, I guess.

I’m reading Lisel and Po by Lauren Oliver for fun (and for Figment), and Falling Man by Don DeLillo for class.

But I also have The Night Circus and The Shadow of the Wind on my nightstand. Too many books! I think those are next on my reading list, though…or maybe Divergent, which a friend characterized as “Hunger Games-enjoyment level.” Which is huge.