A Barrel of Random: See, Read, Listen Edition

New layout! I’m calling this a seafoam/mint scheme. I could be getting those colors totally wrong, but they sound nice. The header “features” my handwriting. Sadly, I lack Jenn’s typographic skills.

So I stumbled across this illustration of the man who walks his dog down 6th and Houston—not that he’s a particularly famous man, but just that this is an actual man is quite awesome. And browsing the illustrator Monaux’s FAQ, I saw he is represented by the Jacky Winter Group. Who represents another one of my favorite artists, Kat MacLeod! I like little connections like that. Meanwhile, my brother Leon has been playing with the Bamboo tablet. Here’s hoping he can illustrate stuff for me in the near future.

Writing I have been working on: a story about graves, a story about a prince with his heart locked in a pocket-watch, a story about a boy and his father, recently retired with nothing to do at home. Yes, I thrill even myself. I am not even going to bother tagging this into the “Writing” category.

Anyway, I recently read “The Porcelain Man” by Richard Kennedy, a neat little fairy tale from 1987 about a girl who glues together some porcelain fragments into the shape of a suitor. Her overprotective father destroys the porcelain man, but the daughter reglues it into something else…at the end, her dinner plate still whispers “I still love you.” No real spoilers there. ETA: Almost forgot! Another little fairy tale I read is one Kim pointed me in the direction of, and I was super engrossed in: “The Princess Who Stood On Her Own Two Feet” by Jeanne Desy.

Also, “Punching In A Dream” by The Naked and Famous is the fun song I can’t stop listening to. ETA: This song too: “About Today” by The National. God I love this guy’s voice.

And that concludes my random post. A little art, a little story, a little song.

Mixtape Monday: We Will All Go Out

Here we are, with Mixtape Occasionally-On-Monday. A few songs that evoke (for me anyway) setting out and getting lost. A willingness to depart and arrive. Maybe with a little wistfulness dashed in there. I had some vague ideas of all the photographs illustrating some movement from dawn to dusk, and the songs start from convincing/conspiring to leave, to going home or someplace new.

Oh, and, Happy Halloween!

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