7 Favorite Sips

I’ve discovered a lot of cafes this year—some new, some old. Here are my top 7 favorite drinks in Taipei.

1. The chocolate chip milkshake (NT180) at Duomo (多麼) is one of my favorite milkshakes from just about anywhere, and that includes Shake Shack’s concreations. It’s not too sweet, and the dark chocolate chunks add the perfect crunch. Frothy and semisolid, it’s still much thinner than a concreation. Duomo used to offer a cocktail called the Chocolate Monkey, which was basically the same thing except with alcohol and banana slices. See this post for photos of the interior and menu.

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Simple Market

I love my year in Taiwan. It has just all around been the best year I could have had after graduation, and I’ve loved exploring Taipei especially. Taipei has changed so much—the most visible sign is the abundance of cafes and restaurants sprouting up, all of them with an emphasis on design, which I really appreciate. Displays of handmade art and crafts are prominently featured in many places.

One of my favorite new discoveries is the Simple Market, located at the Xinyi Public Assembly Hall. It’s like Etsy come to life. Small local artisans display their work every Sunday afternoon in the center square of what used to be military family barracks. There’s usually live music accompanying the beautiful vendor displays: paper products, jewelry and other accessories, ceramics, baked treats, flora arrangements. The emphasis is on all things local and made with love in Taiwan.

Right beside the Simple Market is Good Cho’s, a coffee shop that sells amazing bagels and Taiwan-made goods, ranging from bags to decorative miniature Asian doors to wooden cookware. But my favorite is the ice cream parlor Midori, nestled inside Good Cho’s. Pass on the chocolate ice cream—Midori is the tops at the more unique flavors, like kumquat and chocolate-chip vanilla ice cream (pictured above) or the dragonfruit (which is more of a snow cone texture).

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